Encino Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

Helping make the world more beautiful, one smile at a time...


Our mission at Dashing Dentistry is to provide our patients with high-end cosmetic and implant dentistry, using only the best dental labs, quality dental materials, the latest most up-to-date dental techniques and technology, and highly trained dental professionals whose expertise are creating beautiful, long-lasting smiles painlessly and comfortably.


Phone: 818-788-3384
Fax: 818-788-3385
Email: DrSafaie@DashingDentistry.com

State of the art facilities 

Our state of the art offices stay current with the most up-to-date modern dental care. We are dedicated to the newest advancements in cosmetic dentistry and always keep current with the very latest dental technologies. We use only the best dental   materials and work solely with the top dental labs.

· High-end Laser with a multitude of uses such as reshaping of the “gums” while minimizing post-op pain, bleeding, and swelling; bacterial removal during root canal treatments, implant, or other surgical treatments; and safe and painless biopsies to detect possible oral cancer.

· In-house lab so any necessary adjustments can be made on the spot with very little wait time for the patient!

· Digital x-rays with 90% less radiation, 50x magnification compared to conventional xrays so we can detect cavities faster, and are able to instantaneously view the images on the computer so no more waiting  required!


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